Testimonials for Doulawise

Labor was much longer than average (57 hours). Carolyn’s assistance allowed me to use natural pain management techniques much longer (49 hours) than otherwise would have been possible. She also greatly assisted the father by allowing him to focus on other needs during labor. Carolyn stayed for the entire labor with very little rest and provided a constant amidst rotations of doctors, nurses, ect. That was very comforting and helpful.


Carolyn was an enormous help in my delivery. She was able to provide support for me, and my husband was able to focus me on the techniques for labor. Having the extra support was reassuring because I knew all needs were being met. Stress levels were kept to a minimum and my needs were expressed to the doctors and nurses when I wasn’t emotionally or physically ready to deal with them.


Carolyn helped in multiple ways, education, labor and delivery, postpartum. It was nice to have one person the entire time, start to ‘end’.


My doula provided my favorite resources for breastfeeding before my baby’s birth. I have had no major problems. When I shared info from other resources she always extended on the info. Her skill and comfort with babies and related activities was valuable. I had to provide instruction to my mother and other family members but never to my doula. She always provided stress free help and advice.


Carolyn helped with early breastfeeding support. Overall great attitude and personality and has a way with our twins! I am completely satisfied with the service provided.


Carolyn’s attitude was valuable. She never told me what to do or not to do but gently delivered suggestions. I looked to her for education, but still chose what was best for me.


I had a very difficult time breastfeeding. Carolyn was always supportive and offered new ways to try and help. When I made the difficult decision to stop breastfeeding she never made me feel guilty and showed the support I needed.

Breastfeeding Mom

Very helpful!!! She bonded very well with the mother and father and was a huge help to nursing and midwifery staff. Would love to have her back to help with any patients!

Diana Staley, R.N.

Carolyn was an invaluable asset during my birth process. I could not have gone through it and went without the epidural without her. Her calming voice and massage techniques and reassurance to me was fabulous. She was a great presence in the delivery room and helped both myself and my husband through the entire process.