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Besides the overnight postpartum doula services, doulawise provides sleep consulting and coaching for families with newborns up to 8 months old. This is not sleep training and never includes Cry It Out techniques. This service helps parents learn what normal infant sleep looks like along with information and tips on how to maximize everyone’s sleep after baby arrives. 

New babies can sleep a lot.  Normal sleep for full term, healthy newborns after the first week or so, is anywhere from 13 to 16 hours for a 24 hour period (of course there are outliers on either side of this).  This includes night time sleep and naps.  Naps for new babies up to about 6 months old can be as little as 20 minutes or up to over an hour at a time.  New babies usually sleep at every feed cycle, dropping naps and starting to consolidate them around 3-6 months of age.  Night time sleep can be as little as 2 hours at a time in the beginning, extending up to 10 hours by 6 months for some babies.  This is a gradual process and is not linear.  A baby may sleep up to 8 hours at night by 3 months and then be waking one or two times a night at around 4 months.  This can be frustrating for new parents, but if they know to expect wake ups around the 4 month mark, they tend to handle it better and don’t think something is wrong.  As the baby gets a little older, sleep starts to get better again, but there may still be a night waking after 5 or 6 hours.  Other sleep disturbances happen in the first year around motor skill development, like crawling and walking, and usually occur during teething or illness.  When new parents know that this is all normal, they are much more able to coup and are less likely to stress over their baby not “sleeping through the night”.  

doulawise provides assessments and plans for getting babies to sleep better and longer through several phone consultations and e-mail follow-ups.

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