Doula Services


Doulawise offers Birth & Postpartum Doula services to parents in the Denver, Colorado Metro area. I am available to support parents throughout the process of planning and preparing for labor, and through the early weeks of caring for baby and themselves.

Birth Doula Services include:

– a free initial meeting to see if we are a good fit.

– 2 visits before labor to develop a birth plan, discuss and practice  options for coping with labor and birth, discuss newborn care, feeding and soothing techniques.

– continuous support throughout labor for as long as necessary until a few hours after baby is born, including massage, comfort measures, advice and help communicating with medical staff and family.

  • optional photo services.
  • help establishing breastfeeding and bonding with baby immediately after birth.
  • 1 visit after baby is born to discuss breastfeeding and baby care, and to help the parents process the birth experience.

Postpartum Doula Services include:

– help caring for newborns day and/or night as families need, including feeding, changing, and comforting so that parents can have time to rest, adjust, and recover.

– teaching parents the basics of baby care, such as how to swaddle, bathe, diaper, comfort, massage, and feed a newborn.

– support with breastfeeding.

– basic household chores that can include cooking, laundry, errands and light cleaning so new parents can focus on what the baby and themselves.