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About Carolyn


I have been interested in women’s health, pregnancy and babies most of my life. My own challenging infertility and birth experiences made me even more passionate about supporting parents during pregnancy, birth and beyond. Located in the Denver Area.

My Story

I grew up in a very large family, caring for babies at a young age.  I knew I wanted several children of my own, but I was in no rush to have them.  I had been married for several years before trying and then discovered that I had infertility issues.  After 6 years, 4 miscarriages, 3 surgeries, lots of drugs, endless blood tests and many “other” tests, I finally birthed my daughter.   Even though I had the child I had worked so hard for, the birth experience was not as I had imagined or hoped it would be.  

Because my own birth story is not one that I am satisfied with, I became passionate about women being more educated about birth and being advocates in their own health care.

Facilitating Positive, Empowering Birth

As a CAPPA and DONA certified birth doula, I am committed to ensuring that people have the most positive births possible and are empowered by their experiences. Education and information are critical to making the best choices about birth options and possible interventions.  Having a birth doula also provides a continuity of support throughout pregnancy, labor and birth and evidence shows this creates better outcomes.  Even though birth is unpredictable, I am committed to my clients having empowering and satisfying experiences around their births.

The Postpartum Difference

The postpartum period can be challenging for a lot of families and having the proper support can alleviate many of the difficulties new parents face.  As a CAPPA and DONA certified postpartum doula, I work with families before and after the birth to understand what possible issues can occur and solutions for dealing with them. I also educate families about how to care for new babies including swaddling, baby wearing, soothing techniques, diapering, and bathing. I specialize in breastfeeding support and have a lot of compassion for my clients that struggle with this.  After many medical interventions and procedures and my own lack of information, breastfeeding my daughter was not easy. This experience has made me passionate about supporting the different ways of feeding babies without judgement.  In addition, infant sleep is a topic I address with everyone so expectations are realistic and babies and parents are more able to get the sleep they all need.  Knowing what to expect and having the tools to deal with problems can ensure a much easier transition after birth. Having the services of a postpartum doula and the evidence-based training and information can be very comforting and encouraging.  Providing hands on support, teaching infant care techniques and building confidence for these new families is part of what I provide. I love witnessing the creation of parents and families and the connections, joy and love that babies bring to their world.     

Schedule a Consult

I’m accepting new clients now as availability allows. Please email to schedule a doula consult!

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